July 2024Issue 19


Steve Murphy: Returning the engine to search
Epicor CEO Steve Murphy on putting the engine back into search, and solving the supply chain challenge by leaning on ERP.
image of Vitesco CIO Thomas Buck | cloud and sustainable transformation
Vitesco: Driving a 4.0 sky-high, sustainable world
CIO Thomas Buck talks cloud and sustainable transformation for electric powertrain engine technology firm, Vitesco Technologies, plus the possibilities of Industry 4.0, across its AWS, SAP and Microsoft stack.
image of someone mixing chocolate cake batter | automation
Automation and the chocolate factory
Chocolatier Barry Callebaut gives a taste of how the manufacturing industry can create smooth quality assessment, predictive maintenance and information management with the right solution mindset to reduce the heat on workforces.


Expert Opinions

Balancing the books: can ERP cash in on FinOps?
It’s time to cash in and balance the books. Experts from Workday, Red Hat, Nutanix and more talk about FinOps’ influence on ERP.
image of person and robot at computer | AI in HR
AI in HR: the tightrope walker of recruitment
A string of media outlets and research reports today are discussing the crisis in the global job market, with employers struggling to find talent and more candidates finding themselves without a job.
black and white graphic of a person holding a phone next to images of a padlock, wifi sign and web globe | The train outta cyber trouble in the smart city
The train outta cyber trouble in the smart city
When we rely on a growing network of interconnected systems to help our urban societies function, how can we keep them cyber secure? Answers can be found in case studies from the likes of Transport for London and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, as made possible by the work and offerings of AWS and Deloitte respectively.

Guest Contributors

The coming of the composable age
Even before Gartner coined the term ‘composable enterprise’, back in 2014, the idea had been implemented throughout technology.
Nobody wants a leak: Getting cyber secure in manufacturing
Manufacturing firms are advancing their stacks, but openings have sprung for bad actors. How can businesses kick the bucket on cyber risks?  
There are no single threads in ESG software supply chains
Software is part of your supply chain too. Debra Lilley untangles an inside view of vendor, integrator and user sustainability relations.