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a board of a Monopoly game | The AWS marketplace monopoly: Win or Lose?
AWS Marketplace: Game, Set and Match?
Hyperscaler marketplaces are consolidating spends for end-user businesses, so what role do partners play in this gameplan? 
One hand holding up an apple and one hand holding up an orange side by side | Contractor vs consultant
Comparing ERP apples and oranges – Consultant vs contractor
One of the biggest decisions organizations face with an ERP implementation is choosing between a consultant or hiring a contractor.
an abandoned building covered in clouds
Off with their head! Why more tech firms are ditching their HQs
An increasing number of tech companies are abandoning the traditional HQ in favor of becoming “headquarter-less”, post-pandemic.  
Ditching the degree: consultancies eliminate obstacle to recruitment
The UK consulting industry has embarked on ambitious recruitment plans during one of its busiest periods in history.
image of person painting | enterprise tech
Enterprise tech firms switch up their messaging
Christine Horton speaks with industry professionals detailing how enterprise tech firms now market themselves to potential customers. 
Michael Park, CMO at ServiceNow, on layoffs
“Purpose matters”: ServiceNow reveals its plan to avoid job cuts
Amidst Big Tech layoffs, ServiceNow isn't budging. Michael Park, CMO explains how the tech giant is able to buck the trend with a focus on purpose.
A cloud hangover: is the party over for public cloud?
A cloud hangover: is the party over for public cloud?
After the exuberance of the initial rush to the public cloud, could organizations be reassessing their IT strategies in the cold light of day? Certainly, it appears to be the case for some firms.
How global consulting firms are adapting to life out of the box
There is no major technical complexity for GSIs to manage anymore. So how are Big 4 giants like KPMG, Deloitte and EY responding to increased demand for business process design and change management rather than tech implementations? 
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0: How are firms addressing the skills shortage?
Despite the hype surrounding the next Industrial Revolution, there’s one big problem: a global skills shortage is hampering the progress of Industry 4.0. Christine Horton asks how firms will solve the problem.
ifs arcwide
“We will not work with you anymore”: how SAP pressure led to IFS Arcwide
Launched in April this year, Arcwide is a joint venture between IFS and its platinum service partner BearingPoint. The move has left some industry-watchers scratching their heads as to why IFS would create its own SI – especially as it risks putting the enterprise ERP software vendor at odds with its established partner ecosystem.
Moving from mid-market to enterprise ERP: when is the right time?
When should you consider upgrading your mid-market solution for an enterprise-level ERP system?
Navigating global supply chain disruption
It has never been more important to ensure supply chains are both resilient and sustainable. So how can organisations develop both short and long-term strategies to cope with global disruption?
Moving on: When it’s time to adopt a dedicated ERP system
The time will come when basic accounting software will no longer fulfil your growing business’ requirements. There often comes a point within a relationship when one party realises it’s time to move on.
How can technology provide the tools to meet the future demands of sustainable supply chains?
What is Big Tech doing to ensure its customers are equipped with the tools and technologies to ensure that supply chains are optimised and sustainable?
Tech talent shortage – why it’s time to get outside your comfort zone
The talent crisis continues to impact every aspect of the tech industry. There simply are not enough qualified individuals to support the work that is required – a problem that has been exposed by the acceleration in digital transformation necessitated by COVID-19.
Taking control of your supply chain
Tackling Scope 3 emissions can seem like a daunting task - but it’s a necessary aspect of any net zero plan Coming out of COP26, business leaders across all industries pledged to accelerate climate action throughout every aspect of their organisations.
The new era of hybrid work
COVID-19 has in many ways irrevocably changed the way we work. Almost overnight, organisations were forced to establish a new remote workforce. Kitchen tables became desks, and in-person meetings were replaced by video calls. Now, more than a year later,...
Why the mid-market is now fertile ground
The ERP industry can no longer overlook the potential of the mid-market. The mid-market could be forgiven if it suffers from middle child syndrome. Underserved and ignored by the industry for years, mid-market firms have historically been forced to compromise...
Man holding plug up to a cloud. RISE with SAP Deloitte
Going green with the Cloud
We’re encouraged to choose more sustainable options every day – and this extends to the decisions organisations make when purchasing technology. For any number of reasons, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in the IT decision making process today...
Independent or Global SI – What makes a perfect match for transformation?  
COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation plans of many organisations, in some cases bringing about years of change in just a few months. Whether those companies turn...
Stacks v Suites: Why make customers choose?
When it comes to investing in enterprise software, organisations have many options allowing them to choose whatever technology or consumption method best suits their business requirements...
Have third-party software support providers got ERP vendors on the ropes
In the ERP software world, as with most big business, perception is everything – that’s why software vendors invest so much in PR. Despite this, most of the software vendors we approached to participate...
Software firms at forefront of COVID-19 efforts
Software vendors are leveraging their expertise to help customers, employees and the community overcome COVID-19 challenges. The way in which companies conduct themselves during the COVID-19 crisis has come under intense scrutiny. As we have already seen, companies that fail to support both their customers and staff during this period are likely to be judged harshly – and publicly – and could incur financial and reputational damage from which it will be difficult to recover...