image of Celonis building | Celonis:Next unveils product enhancements, investments and more
Celonis announces new AI-enabled enhancements at Celonis:Next
Celonis' co-CEO and co-founder is most enthusiastic about bringing Process Intelligence to every part of the enterprise.
image of robot hand reaching out to human hand with blue background | Google Cloud and Workday
Google Cloud and Workday upgrade users’ GenAI tools
Google Cloud and Workday have expanded their partnership bringing new GenAI capabilities to enhance how customers build and manage their apps on Workday.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
A supply chain shipment in the water with birds.
Shipping off to AI! SAP debuts new AI capabilities in supply chain solutions
In response to the mounting pressures facing manufacturers worldwide, SAP has announced new AI advancements in its supply chain solutions. 
Lake - SAP Datalakes AI data lakehouses - and dilemma | SAP Data
SAP customers’ dilemma in the data and AI ecosystem
SAP's offerings continue to evolve, aiming to provide a unified approach to data management and analytics, solving age old user dilemma.
Snippet of Microsoft Fabric : Tech Mahindra
Easing workflow woes: Tech Mahindra designs Workbench for Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft and Tech Mahindra have joined forces to introduce a unified workbench on Microsoft Fabric to ease your workflow woes.
A ballroom inside a hotel equites stay : Oracle Netsuite
Oracle NetSuite gives Hotel Equities a ‘single source of truth’
Hotel firm announces its adoption of Oracle NetSuite, to provide a unified platform to manage all hospitality operations.
A happy looking AI robot - EY AI
Considering ethical AI on the road to digital transformation
EY offers valuable guidance and expertise to organizations navigating AI safety within their digital transformations.
An Audi Yellow Car - SNP SAP cloud
Audi and SNP ride into cloud competitiveness
SNP's expertise in ALM and innovative software solutions have empowered Audi to navigate the migration to S/4HANA with confidence.
Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, United States | Accenture Federal Services partners with Microsoft to support federal agencies
Accenture Federal Services partners with Microsoft to support federal agencies
Accenture Federal Services has announced a partnership with Microsoft to launch an end-to-end Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory.
ServiceNow Washing DC update
ServiceNow announces updates to Now platform in Washington DC release
ServiceNow's new update to its Now platform enhances automation and customer experience, leveraging generative AI for efficient workflows.
Sridhar Ramaswamy, CEO of Snowflake
Snowflake appoints Sridhar Ramaswamy as new CEO
Snowflake has named Sridhar Ramaswamy as the company’s new chief executive officer and member of the Board of Directors.
image of Accenture building | Accenture acquires management consultancy Insight Sourcing
Accenture acquires management consultancy Insight Sourcing
Accenture has announced the acquisition of provider of strategic sourcing and procurement services, Insight Sourcing.
ServiceNow Washing DC update
Ligentia becomes newest member of the ServiceNow partner program
Ligentia joins Servicenow's partner program to enhance supply chain operations, finance and logistics through digital transformation, leveraging expertise and technology.
an open robot hand
Salesforce and AWS step up to bolster AI safety and drug discovery
Salesforce has announced it has been selected to join the National Institute of Standards and Technology to help facilitate AI collaboration.
EY building
EY launches Edge Technologies Lab: transforming strategies
EY launches Edge Technologies Lab in collaboration with Dell Technologies to revolutionize digital transformation, leveraging real-time industry use cases.
Microsoft's office building | Microsoft’s shows positive Q1 2024 results amid faster cloud growth
Microsoft Q2 hails shift to “applying AI” amidst cloud influx
Microsoft Q2 earnings for the financial year 2024 have surpassed analysts’ expectations, driven by intelligent cloud business and the lure of AI.
Sunset on clouds: RISE with SAP User
SAP addresses user concerns with RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization Program
SAP has unveiled its latest initiative, the RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization program, in response to consistent user concerns
woman standing with a laptop in a server room
Whitepaper: Does your Oracle system need a health check?
For organizations still relying on legacy and on-premises versions of Oracle applications, Accelalpha offers the unique ability to perform a health check to assess how these Oracle applications are meeting the needs of the organization. A health check is a...
projects powerhouse webinar thumbnail
Video: Oracle Projects Powerhouse – accelerating efficiency
In the ever-evolving landscape of Oracle Projects, data entry teams face huge demands to keep Oracle in step with the needs of the business. The success of any project hinges on its ability to swiftly adapt to evolving requirements, streamline...
Blog: Free vs Build vs Buy – data loading solutions
Data loading is one of the most important processes for your business. Whether you’re a small company or one with more complex data processing needs, you’ll require efficient procedures to help sort all of your data. Learn more from More4Apps about the different options in Data Loading Solutions. 
Landscape view of a factory with a lot of complex pipes and machinery throughout | smart factory Infor
Smart factory success rests in the Cloud (ERP)
Smart factories represent the next frontier in operational performance, combining human ingenuity, advanced technologies and data-driven insights. With data at the core, smart factories empower manufacturers to navigate the digital landscape and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.
A blurry picture of a computer screen full of code, with glasses sitting on the desk in front of the screen, the image through the glasses is in focus | artificial intelligence Nextworld
Do more with more: are you taking full advantage of artificial intelligence capabilities?
How can AI make us capable of more? Instead of contemplating how artificial intelligence can do more with less, we're finding ways to enable companies everywhere to do more with more.
Avoid Falling Behind on your S/4HANA Journey with a Brownfield+ Approach
For those using a Brownfield+ the question switches from which implementation route to who to go on that implementation journey with.
knowledge : lightbulb
Empowering SAP Users and Enhancing ROI with Knowledge Add-On Tools
The benefits of utilizing knowledge tools such as this are significant, empowering SAP users to resolve issues independently.
Shifting to Cloud Strategies without Jeopardizing Mission-Critical Tasks
For SAP operations, mission-critical tasks like labeling play a pivotal role in business operations and can't be overlooked in cloud shifts.
Case Study: Managing customer maintenance with ease
Read how this customer was able to reduce errors and save the business hundreds of hours every year with More4apps and Oracle EBS solutions.
A top down view of a lorry distribution centre | composable ERP solutions Infor
Composable ERP solutions: providing distributors with future-proofing, flexibility and agility
With business leaders now at the forefront of digital evolution, composable ERP solutions have taken priority. Thanks to modern cloud-based ERP solutions, it's easier than ever to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of technology.
Headline - stock image of technology
Case study: Global Shop Solutions and Zephyr Products, Inc.
Read about how Zephyr Products leveraged Global Shop Solutions expertise to improve Zephyr’s competitive standing.
The role of industry clouds in S/4HANA deployment
PwC's Industry Cloud is built with a collaborative approach, using tailored ecosystems to customize organization’s journeys to the cloud.