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Upgrade Your Service Portal to ServiceNow Employee Center
In this video from NewRocket you will learn how to upgrade your Service Portal to Employee Center. I’ll also compare some of the differences between Employee Center and Employee Center Pro, as well as showing some example portals built on top of Employee Center.
aerial photography of Stockholm architecture during a sunny day with clouds | Workday partnership with Saab
Workday partners with Saab to help employees thrive
Workday has announced its partnership with Saab, a leading Swedish defense and security company, to prioritize Saab’s employee experience and drive business success.
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Tech Mahindra partners with Atento CRM in Latin America
Tech Mahindra partners with Atento for end-to-end business transformation solutions, leveraging GenAI-powered tech and nearshore CX capabilities for global clients.
Increase productivity and reduce project delays with a Digital Adoption Platform
As an Oracle Partner, Fudgelearn is experienced of all things OGL – providing support from implementation to developing and designing meaningful assets for your business. 
four people in a discussing inside a meeting room | Workday and Randstad collaborate for sustainable HCM
Workday and Randstad collaborate for sustainable HCM
Workday has announced that Randstad is extending its existing Workday agreement to roll out Workday Financial Management and Workday HCM.
three women using laptops, smiling and talking to each other | Cognizant awards $70m to boost global tech education for diverse communities
Cognizant awards $70m to boost tech education for diverse communities
Cognizant has awarded $70m in philanthropic funds to help people make successful career transitions into technology and AI jobs.
Travis Barker playing drums in a workplace.
Workday celebrates Finance and HR decision-makers as “rock stars” of business
Workday has expanded its advertising, “bringing rock back to the workplace”, featuring rock stars Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker and Billy Idol. 
a person working on a laptop from a swimming pool | Workforce gone walkabout
Workforce gone walkabout
Is building back better a remote possibility? With hybrid work placing HR teams and planners under pressure, rebuilding the workforce is proving a tricky customer.
Dilpesh Patel and Sean Doherty, Galliford Try | Galliford Try: Building up to the HCM clouds
Galliford Try: Building up to the HCM clouds
Stephanie Ball speaks to Galliford Try to hear of the company’s shift from EBS to Cloud HCM and payroll with Oracle and eAppSys.
a graphic of a walking person with a light bulb on his head | The great employee glow up
The great employee glow up
Say Hello to your new favorite customers. Why HR should treat employees as a business’ most important customer win.
illustrated image of people with sun, grass and plants | HCM
Quiet thriving in the HCM workplace?
"Head of HR wanted, must be fluent in HCM technology" the job ads read. Here's why thriving in HR's developing role means more than just understanding people.
Workday Elevate
Inter IKEA improves global employee experience with Workday
Inter IKEA Group announced that it has been working with Workday for over five years to transform its employee experience with Workday HCM.
image of Workday building | VNDLY
Workday’s FY24 marked by “momentum with full platform customer wins”
Workday has announced its fiscal 2024 results, boosted by more leaders turning to the company to manage their people and money. 
Fudgelearn TNA Free Template
A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the cornerstone of a successful and meaningful training program, facilitating user adoption. It identifies and evaluates how training will be delivered and matches the right users to the relevant training courses based on their roles and daily tasks. 
Carl Eschenbach
Carl Eschenbach leads solo for Workday
As Workday steps into its new financial year, its year-long co-CEO Carl Eschenbach will be taking a solo lead starting today. Aneel Bhusri, Workday’s co-CEO, co-founder and chair will step into a strategic advisor to the CEO role and will remain integral to the organization as co-founder and executive chair of the Workday board of directors.
Video: Oracle Guided Learning Demo
This video shows you how OGL guides you through a process - allowing seamless use of Cloud (Fusion) Apps and continuous learning for employees.
Introduction to FL
In 2016 Fudge was a primary training delivery partner to Oracle University, even running the Public Cloud Training schedule. But as Oracle moved more into digital learning with Cloud Learning Subscriptions we moved more into our area of passion - End User Training
Tax : Old Calculator
Is your SAP data environment ready for a Tax Audit?
The Enterprise Content Store streamlines access to critical data from decommissioned SAP systems, easing tax audit challenges for SAP users.
Illustration of a woman looking ahead among weaving arrow paths
The unconventional journey of a female leader in ERP
Host of WERP podcast, Abigail Allman, retells a motivational roadmap for all Women in ERP and talks taking a leading role.
Carl Eschenbach and Aneel Bhusri, Workday
Workday sees Q3 24 revenue growth as companies skill up
Workday has announced its Q3 financial results for fiscal 2024, demonstrating a 16.7 percent leap in total revenues from last year.
Workday rising – and dancing – with EMEA industry takeover
Workday Rising EMEA highlighted customers wins with over 100 European-headquartered companies from more than 35 different industries.
Infor and DailyPay partnership
Infor and DailyPay partnership spells early payday cheer
Infor Workforce Management solutions will provide DailyPay with time data so that employees can access funds instantly based on their timecard details.
Workday EMEA mid-size enterprise success
Workday Rising reveals “mass EMEA expansion scheme” success
Workday's momentum with mid-sized enterprises is partially due to the pre-configured version of Workday, named Workday Launch.
Two women sitting in a meeting room busy with desk work | Sage and Smart Pension team up to help automate pensions for SMEs
Sage and Smart Pension team up to help automate pensions for SMEs
Smart Pension has partnered with Sage to collaborate on a ‘one-click’ pension solution for employers and advisers.
HR analyst, Josh Bersin
HR tech will embrace employee experience and talent marketplace
HR analyst Josh Bersin sees much for the sector and HR tech market to be optimistic about this year.