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graphic of a person looking through a telescope | A look to the future Technology 2024
A look to the future: Technology predictions in 2024
What will 2024 bring? After the year of the GenAI boom, here are the experts’ enterprise technology predictions for 2024 and beyond.
graphic of a marketplace coloured in pink| Confessions of a retail technologist
Confessions of a retail technologist
Oracle, KPMG and Google Cloud retail experts discuss the technology saving the day for customer experience.
an aerial view of Singapore
Singapore ups its AI strategy with Google Cloud collaboration
Singapore is acting on its ambitions to be at the forefront of global innovation as one of the first countries to introduce an AI Strategy.
image of car on road surrounded by tall green trees and green fields | GCR–Sustainability
HSBC accelerates climate mitigation journey with Google Cloud
HSBC has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate climate mitigation and resilience through financing and support for companies in the Google Cloud Ready-Sustainability (GCR-Sustainability) program.
a person taking a picture of a cloud with a smartphone
Google Cloud forges partnerships with Motorola Solutions and Kyndryl
Google Cloud and Motorola Solutions have announced an agreement innovating cloud solutions across Motorola’ safety and security technologies.
Reviving legacy systems with API integration
An API abstraction and modernization layer insulates client-facing applications from shifting backend services.
image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Accenture and Google Cloud AI
Accenture and Google Cloud partner to help businesses adopt GenAI
Accenture and Google Cloud will combine Accenture’s model customization services and full-stack engineering services with Google Cloud’s generative AI technology
image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Accenture and Google Cloud AI
Millennium Management portfolio managers rise with Google Cloud
Google Cloud has announced that Millennium Management, a global alternative investment manager, will provide Millennium portfolio managers with Google Cloud’s cloud infrastructure.
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 13-17 November
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the week of 13-17 November.
a hand holding a smartphone with the Spotify app open
Spotify jazzes up platform with Google Cloud’s AI help
Google Cloud and Spotify have announced an expanded partnership in data and analytics, as well as AI and machine learning technologies. 
image of Google HQ | Google Cloud and Stagwell
Stagwell leverages Google Cloud to boost GenAI marketing capabilities
Google Cloud and SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, has entered into a partnership with Stagwell to develop GenAI marketing solutions that support Stagwell agencies, client partners and product development within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud (SMC).
A person holding a phone with a digital cloud projection coming from it | Anthropic
Anthropic leverages Google’s Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference
Google has expanded its partnership with Anthropic, committing to the highest standards of AI security and safety, and will allow Anthropic to leverage the latest generation Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference.
image of typewriter with News headline | weekly hotlist
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 30 October-3 November
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the week of 30 October-3 November.
image of abstract AI | Google Cloud and Box
Google Cloud thinks out of the Box to transform world of work with GenAI
Google Cloud and Box, a Content Cloud single platform that allows organizations to manage the entire content lifecycle and integrate best-of-breed apps, have expanded their partnership to transform work in the enterprise with GenAI.
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the previous week of October.
image of Google logo | Google Cloud Q3
Storm clouds for Google as Q3 misses expectations despite AI flurry
Google parent company, Alphabet, has announced its financial results for its third quarter, ending September 30, 2023. The company reported total revenues of $76.69bn, an increase of 11 percent year-on-year (YoY).
person on public transport holding phone in hand | Google Cloud and Smart Communications
Smart Communications personalizes digital services with Google Cloud
Google Cloud and Smart Communications, the mobile services arm of PLDT Group, have entered into a collaboration to improve the accessibility of essential digital services for Filipinos, with Searce providing technical implementation support.
image of coins falling
Google Cloud and Moody’s boost financial operations
Google Cloud and Moody’s Corporation have announced a new strategic partnership to help Moody’s customers and employees leverage new LLMs.
Online shopping
AI and searching for sales in the data pile
These days, countless retail businesses are getting ahead in the online marketplace by putting data at their core. Shopify is a good example of how to embrace AI to enhance your online business.
Stock image of cybersecurity | Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector
Accenture and Google Public Sector launch cybersecurity CoE
Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector have announced the launch of a new Cybersecurity Center of Excellence to help U.S. federal agencies rapidly detect and respond to cyberattacks.
Google Could Next London Keynote - GenAI
Brit brands Gymshark, Unilever are getting ‘appy with Google Cloud GenAI
As Google turned 25 years old, Google Cloud Next London took place at Tobacco Dock, with an expanding list of UK customer GenAI innovations.
BT and Google Cloud team up for cybersecurity in array of collaborations
Google Cloud's Next '23 event has revealed that the company is partnering with Gymshark, Unilever and Formula E, on top of its collaborations with BT and Transport for Greater Manchester.
image of a healthcare professional holding stethoscope up to the camera | Vertex AI
Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to solve healthcare workforce issues
Google Cloud has unveiled new capabilities in Vertex AI Search for healthcare and life organizations that enable medically tuned GenAI-powered search on a broad spectrum of data including clinical sources.
A hand held up to a screen with the index finger showing a digital fingerprint | Remote work and GenAI
Remote work and GenAI: spanners in the cybersecurity engine?
Remote work and GenAI are here to stay. But what does this mean for enterprise cybersecurity and how are they impacting it?
Healthcare professional gazing through microscope in a clinical setting | Google Cloud healthcare
Google Cloud and Apollo Hospitals partner to improve healthcare access
Google Cloud has broadened its partnership with Apollo Hospitals to improve access to healthcare in India with digital platform Apollo 24|7.
image of two white cars with both front hoods open revealing engine bay | Continental and Google Cloud
Continental drives new automotive innovations with Google Cloud
Google Cloud and Continental have announced a strategic partnership to provide innovative, flexible and future-oriented digital solutions for the automotive industry.
image of Google Cloud HQ logo | Accenture and Google Cloud AI
Google Cloud in announcement onslaught as employees revolt
Announced at Google Cloud Next 2023, Google Cloud has unveiled several new partnerships, AI innovations and collaborations.
image of wind turbines on rolling green hills | sustainability initiative
Deloitte and Google Cloud launch green initiative to achieve net zero
Deloitte has announced a new sustainability initiative with Google Cloud to help clients mitigate climate risks, adopt green solutions and unlock the value of low carbon products and services utilizing revolutionary technologies like generative AI and geospatial data.
(L) Amanpreet Singh | Founder, CTO & (R) Douwe Kiela | Founder, CEO (Photo: Business Wire) | Contextual AI and Google Cloud
Contextual AI and Google Cloud brings GenAI to the enterprise
Contextual AI has entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider to build, run and scale its growing business and to train its large language models (LLMs) for the enterprise.
A man working in front of steel being cast in fire : U.S. Steel
U.S. Steel and Google Cloud collab on GenAI transformation
U.S. Steel has collaborated with Google Cloud to leverage generative AI to enhance operations at the largest iron ore mine in North America.