image of hospital staff walking down corridor wearing scrubs | North Memorial Health and Oracle
North Memorial Health, Indian Health Service and GDIT put patients first with Oracle
Oracle is to deploy solutions for North Memorial Health, as well as India Health Service, with the latter in collaboration with GDIT.
Doctor wearing his coat and with a stethoscope around his neck examines a phone in his hands, you cannot see the doctor's head | healthcare Oracle
Latest Oracle mobile additions are a fresh shot of adrenaline for healthcare organizations
Oracle has upgraded their mobile capabilities to help healthcare organizations reduce inventory errors, improve restock efficiency and gain the visibility needed to better predict demand and optimize stock availability.
image of a healthcare professional holding stethoscope up to the camera | Vertex AI
Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to solve healthcare workforce issues
Google Cloud has unveiled new capabilities in Vertex AI Search for healthcare and life organizations that enable medically tuned GenAI-powered search on a broad spectrum of data including clinical sources.
image of Mayo Clinic building | Microsoft 365 Copilot
Mayo Clinic the first to leverage Microsoft 365 Copilot
Mayo Clinic is one of the first healthcare organizations to deploy Microsoft 365 Copilot, the company’s new GenAI service that combines the power of LLMs with organizational data from Microsoft 365 to boost productivity levels.
image of healthcare provider with stethoscope and holding a mobile | Microsoft and Mercy
Microsoft and Mercy reimagine healthcare operations with GenAI
Microsoft has entered a long-term collaboration with Mercy, leveraging GenAI and other digital technologies to give physicians, advance practice providers and nurses more time to care for patients and improve the patient experience.
A healthcare professional speaking with a patient in a healthcare location, holding a tablet device | Oracle healthcare
Oracle booster for healthcare with GenAI, finance and supply chain tools
Oracle has announced new generative AI services for healthcare organizations to help providers focus more on patient engagement.
stay home save lives
NHS at 75: digitizing to survive
The process of converting healthcare management to fully digital is not without challenges.
Healthcare professional gazing through microscope in a clinical setting | Google Cloud healthcare
Google Cloud and Apollo Hospitals partner to improve healthcare access
Google Cloud has broadened its partnership with Apollo Hospitals to improve access to healthcare in India with digital platform Apollo 24|7.
Lab assistant delicately inserts test tube containing a dark substance into a testing machine | Price transparency healthcare
Price transparency can transform health systems as we know it
Price transparency and enhancing the patient experience, are the latest tools in optimizing healthcare systems.
Image of technology in hospital
Cognizant and Google Cloud partner for healthcare innovation
Cognizant and Google Cloud are hoping to create healthcare large language mode solutions, bringing the potential of generative AI to a range of healthcare business challenges.
person typing on a laptop next to a stethoscope | High-performance computing and AI
High-performance computing and AI will rewrite the future of healthcare
High-performance computing (HPC) offers the speed and power needed to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.
Hospital technology
‘Hospital at Home’: technology is driving healthcare’s future
With rising NHS queues, increasing strain on the healthcare industry, and burned-out staff, the Hospital at Home program is plugging in technology to lend a digital hand.
AWS to provide lifeblood for MAK-System
MAK-System, a blood management systems firm, has announced a strategic collaboration with AWS.
image of anatomy science figure | Salesforce Customer 360
Salesforce delivers personalized experiences with Customer 360
Salesforce has announced its new Customer 360 for Health capabilities that help healthcare providers deliver more personalized patient experiences and reduce operational costs. 
KPMG and ServiceNow shine a light on the stark NHS recruitment gap
Michael Allen, partner and head of health and human services at KPGM has been investigating situation in three different NHS trusts.
Google Cloud launches new ‘accelerators’ for healthcare
Google Cloud launches new ‘accelerators’ for healthcare
Google Cloud has launched three new Healthcare Data Engine (HDE) accelerators to help organizations address common use cases around health equity, patient flow, and value-based care.
headline - stock image of NHS doctor | NHS SAP
Salesforce unveils Patient 360 for Health innovations to lower costs
Salesforce has unveiled Patient 360 for Health innovations, providing cost-saving automation for healthcare and life sciences organizations.