The FlowDown – Unifii’s new podcast
Unifii’s brand new podcast series, brings together ServiceNow senior leaders, product experts, and clients as we tackle Service Operations in the real world. No marketing jargon. No sales talk. Just a front-row seat to advice, opinions, and experiences from people in the know.
graphic of a person looking through a telescope | A look to the future Technology 2024
A look to the future: Technology predictions in 2024
What will 2024 bring? After the year of the GenAI boom, here are the experts’ enterprise technology predictions for 2024 and beyond.
a digitally distorted image of a monument's head | Crossing the digital divide in the public sector
Crossing the digital divide in the public sector
ServiceNow’s Dr Raj Iyer tells all on public sector passions, challenges and what cloud technology can do for governments and citizens now.
ServiceNow Washing DC update
ServiceNow announces updates to Now platform in Washington DC release
ServiceNow's new update to its Now platform enhances automation and customer experience, leveraging generative AI for efficient workflows.
people attending the MWC conference in Barcelona, Spain
MWC ‘24 update: Red Hat, NTT, Tech Mahindra, ServiceNow and Lenovo
At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, Spain, Red Hat, NTT, Tech Mahindra, ServiceNow and Lenovo announced fresh innovations.
mobile device with bot chatting
ServiceNow meets generative AI: The dynamic duo for your ITSM evolution
Read the article by Unifii to learn how ServiceNow has taken the plunge to infuse its top-notch ITSM product suite with cutting-edge Generative AI technology, to help customers get further cost-savings and productivity enhancements.
green pinwheel
ESG management simplified: How ServiceNow gets the job done
The ESG framework isn’t just about portraying a rosy image of your organization, it is also the compass to guide you through the ever-changing business landscape and steer your ship in the right direction. Learn how Unifii can help with your ServiceNow ESG Management starting from the basics. 
EU flag
Decoding DORA: How can ServiceNow help?
Read the guide by Unifii to help you navigate the DORA framework to ensure your organization is prepared.
calculator and pen on desk
How Unifii’s platform management can get you more with less cost
Read the article by Unifii to learn how they can help keep your platform in good hands and focus on growing your business.  
ServiceNow Washing DC update
Ligentia becomes newest member of the ServiceNow partner program
Ligentia joins Servicenow's partner program to enhance supply chain operations, finance and logistics through digital transformation, leveraging expertise and technology.
CEO Bill McDermott | ServiceNow sees “tailwind of growth” with GenAI in Q3 23 success
ServiceNow’s Q4 signals “rock solid and growing core business” in new era
ServiceNow's fourth quarter results exceeded guidance across all Q4 2023 topline growth and profitability metrics.
ServiceNow Washing DC update
ServiceNow to acquire UltimateSuite to enhance its Now platform
ServiceNow has announced the acquisition of UltimateSuite to enhance process mining and intelligent automation across its Now Platform. 
Bill McDermott, CEO ServiceNow
ServiceNow goes all in on AI
Paul Esherwood meets with Bill McDermott for an update on ServiceNow's AI focus and the mission to become the defining enterprise software company of the twenty-first century.
AI letters in blue | IBM and Meta launch AI Alliance with over 50 collaborators
IBM and Meta launch AI Alliance with over 50 collaborators
IBM and Meta have announced the launch of an AI Alliance aimed at creating opportunities to shape the evolution of AI.
ServiceNow and AWS team up for AI business applications
ServiceNow has announced a five-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), including business applications.
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 13-17 November
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the week of 13-17 November.
image of Bill McDermott at event | ServiceNow Now Assist
ServiceNow expands Now Assist GenAI portfolio with enhancements
ServiceNow has announced a major expansion to its Now Assist GenAI portfolio with new capabilities to transform experiences and increase productivity.
A classroom of middle-school children listening intently to a male teacher, standing at the front of the class | ServiceNow digital education
ServiceNow research: UK workforce agrees on mandatory digital education
New research from ServiceNow has found that 54 percent of UK office workers feel their formal education didn't adequately prepare them for working life.
A Virtual Win: Why SAP Integration is Vital for ServiceNow
Bringing seamlessness and common sense to SAP and ServiceNow users is key to freeing-up IT skills, driving transformation and creating real business value.
CEO Bill McDermott | ServiceNow sees “tailwind of growth” with GenAI in Q3 23 success
ServiceNow teases rivals with real GenAI “product” in Q3 23 success
ServiceNow has outperformed its guidance across most Q3 23 profitability metrics, citing GenAI impact as it increased 2023 guidance.
saving energy / ServiceNow partner Bordeaux Métropole leads strategy for digital transformation
ServiceNow helps Bordeaux Métropole go eco-friendly
ServiceNow has announced that Bordeaux Métropole is leading an innovative strategy for digital transformation to support citizens in the French city with housing, transport and carbon usage.
ServiceNow acquires Enable tech for its Now platform
ServiceNow has acquired the ToolBox OH&S technology assets of Enable Professional Services, a company which has experience in the mature Australian health and safety market.
abstract computer image 3D render | Deloitte ASG
Deloitte launches ASG to help harness the power of ServiceNow
Deloitte has launched its ServiceNow Assets and Solutions Group (ASG), a team built to harness the power of the ServiceNow platform to deliver industry-specific outcomes for clients.
ServiceNow announces big expansion to Now Platform with Vancouver release
As part of ServiceNow's majorly expanded Now Platform, it has launched a live Virtual Agent which will be able to resolve issues and requests faster without needing to ask users to repeat themselves.
An Iphone with Netflix on screen connected to headphones | SAP and ServiceNow
It’s 2007 all over again for SAP and ServiceNow
Two vendors with different products but a common link search for their defining moment. Will they find it?
GenAI LLM | Image of a Minecraft sandcastle
GenAI guardrails ahoy with LLM sandboxes
GenAI LLMs can transform enterprises without rocking the boat. Jeremy Barnes, ServiceNow and Dave Kanter, Accenture ServiceNow Business Group, explain.
image of Bill McDermott at event | ServiceNow Now Assist
ServiceNow an AI “lighthouse” shining bright with caution in Q2 results
ServiceNow has revealed its Q2 results for 2023 alongside an AI NVIDIA partnership and a vision for AI to save the workforce - whilst admitting to a GenAI prudence.
Blue digital computer memory board. Opkey
The steps to take before AI embeds ServiceNow challenges
Artificial Intelligence AI is coming to ServiceNow, and it could create even more challenges for companies.
Image of businessmen shaking hands/Cognizant and ServiceNow announce yet another strategic partnership
Cognizant and ServiceNow announce yet another strategic partnership
Cognizant and ServiceNow are entering a strategic partnership which involves creating a multi-disciplinary Cognizant ServiceNow Business Group which will integrate the Now Platform and ServiceNow’s industry product solutions with Cognizant’s domain expertise and IP.
image of Bill McDermott, CEO ServiceNow
ServiceNow expands GenAI offerings with Now Assist for Virtual Agent
As announced at ServiceNow’s Knowledge event, the company has unveiled its latest generative AI solution, Now Assist for Virtual Agent, designed to create truly conversational experiences for more intelligent self-service.