September 2022Issue 12


Track workers with iPad
Network Rail: everyone home safe every day
Network Rail and EY team up to deliver a comprehensive package of measures to improve safety, drive efficiencies and boost employee experience


ERP Awards 2022
EY wins top prize at the ERP Today Awards 2022
The ERP Today Awards have once again ended with a bang, seeing EY win top prize for 'Transformation Project of the Year'. EY's stellar work for Network Rail saw the consultancy giant walk away from Ascot Racecourse with the major gong. The ERP Today Awards & Fundraiser 2022 also saw IFS win 'ERP Vendor of the Year'.
Editor's Words: Strength in adversity
Editor’s Words: Strength in adversity
A sombre mood has been cast across the United Kingdom with its effects reaching all four corners of the globe. Queen Elizabeth II has passed and Charles III has been proclaimed king. As the world adjusted to the loss of the longest serving monarch on record, the ERP Today community shared a unique opportunity to pay tribute to Her Majesty at Royal Ascot, one of the late Queen’s most cherished venues.
cloud race
Orbis non sufficit – the race for cloud supremacy
Is anyone else bored by the numbers? Do you find the race for cloud dominance a bit dull? Are vendor boasts reminding you of a recent time in history when getting rich and grabbing more played out pretty badly for most of us? Fundamental market dynamics dictate that big tech companies must sell more to satisfy shareholders but the persistent desire for growth is taking its toll on workers and the markets are finally realising that not every cloud business has a future.


Expert Opinions

From lipstick on a pig to the experience economy, the evolution of UX
From lipstick on a pig to the experience economy, the evolution of UX
Why spending vast amounts of money just to make something look good without the underlying functionality was - and still is - fool’s gold
Building ‘smart’ ERP demands continuous software intelligence
Building ‘smart’ ERP demands continuous software intelligence
Is it time to introduce ERPSI into the lexicon: the development of ERP suites with an inherent ability to exert software intelligence functions?
Blurred lines: is the consumerisation of enterprise technologies creating unnecessary division?
Enterprises beware – there may be some sacrifice in software simplicity for the hybrid user
Citizen technologists, it takes more than a lion taming hat
A reminder why just because you’ve got the title, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily qualified to do the job
Premises and potentates for cloud in 2022
Quantum computing, AI, DAOs and the metaverse make for an interesting cloud race after COVID-19

Guest Contributors

Avantra: Come on, let’s get through the mist to the cloud
This is a contributed piece for ERP Today written by Tyler Constable in his role as global head of solution engineering at Avantra – a company known for its AIOps automation platform designed to drive SAP operations. Migrating SAP systems...
The future of automation: a hindrance or an enabler?
Automation is about efficiency, and efficiency is a priority for businesses and organisations needing to survive in an ever more competitive environment. Automation in the past revolved around updating machinery and equipment and improving processes, while new digital advances have given rise...
Process mining: Digital transformation lynchpin in banking & finance 
Technology is now central to the operations of almost all modern businesses, and this is especially true for organisations in the finance sector. But as the sector embraces digital transformation, are business leaders overlooking a key way to ensure they are delivering the experiences that customers need, while also trimming their own costs?
Handling complexity: should we be scared of standardisation?
Why many organisations struggle with the conflict between delivering simplification and standardisation
Artificial intelligence will revolutionise the customer journey
AI-driven actions are not only creating positive value for clients but also increasing loyalty and driving business revenue. This shows how important technology is to a company’s business strategy
Watch out for SAP silos in your cybersecurity
ERP exposure and the need for business-critical application security to mitigate threats and protect systems from avoidable damage
‘Glorified filing cabinet’: Cloud’s greatest failing
As transformation initiatives continue to accelerate, cloud continues to be a key enabler for organisations transitioning out of lockdown crisis mode to new hybrid working practices and recession-proofing strategies.