Application Development and Integration

Close up of some hands tapping away at a laptop with a high-tech orange and blue overlay | DMI architects
Build them up! Don’t forget how important enterprise architects are
The advent of enterprise architects is a response to the influx of ERP transformations. Enterprise architects make sure a client's tech environment is ready to take on the software upgrade with speed. With a good team of enterprise architects, a firm can get a rapid ROI.
2 lines of coding that are slightly out of focus on a black screen | low-code ERP Axelor
Redefining enterprise agility: the rise of low-code ERP
As businesses continue to navigate their digital transformation journey, low-code ERP platforms stand out as a key enabler of agility, innovation and competitive advantage. By embracing these platforms, companies can position themselves to thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.
A moody image of a darkened server room with a large amount of connecting cables | Celonis S/4HANA
Facts are friendly, data delivers – the smarter route to S/4HANA migration
Maximizing the value out of S/4HANA takes preparation and careful planning. Creating greater visibility across all business processes and improving user adoption rates are just some of the methods a business can use to prepare itself for the incoming digital transformation.
Webinar: Why you should defer migration to S/4HANA and RISE
Watch to discover how hundreds of SAP clients are saving time and gaining flexibility with Rimini Street.
A blurred image of several computer screens chock full of code with a pair of glasses set on the desk in front of them - the angle shows through the glasses is in focus | third-party Rimini Street
Roadmap control and TCO are some of the main drivers for seeking third-party support
It's easy to understand why some firms may think twice about reaching out to third-party service providers. However, those third-party providers could offer a unique solution to a business' unique issues.
Snowflake CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy on a conference stage next to a screen showing NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang | Snowflake pioneers customized AI Applications with NVIDIA
Snowflake pioneers customized AI applications with NVIDIA
Snowflake unveiled a bunch of developments to boost how much organizations can get out its offerings, including unlocking the power of AI.
Polaris Catalog | Snowflake launch increases interoperability with AWS, Salesforce and Microsoft
Snowflake launch increases interoperability with AWS, Salesforce and Microsoft
Snowflake launched its Polaris Catalog, a vendor-neutral, open catalog implementation for Apache Iceberg providing an open standard of choice.
keyboard under neon lights
Upgrade Your Service Portal to ServiceNow Employee Center
In this video from NewRocket you will learn how to upgrade your Service Portal to Employee Center. I’ll also compare some of the differences between Employee Center and Employee Center Pro, as well as showing some example portals built on top of Employee Center.
airplane cockpit
NewRocket’s Advisory Engagement
In order to maximize the value of ServiceNow, NewRocket’s FlightPath advisory engagement will ensure you have a thoughtful plan, that maps to clear business outcomes.
Image of lit-up cubes on stage / Boomi World 2024 reveals new innovations
Boomi World 2024 unveils AI innovations for businesses
Boomi's CEO Steve Lucas aims to accelerate innovation in the AI economy, and does so via introducing AI Agent Framework and Trusted Data Management.
photo of an orange life buoy hanging on a wall | Oracle system support concept
From skeptic to believer: how to overcome Oracle’s fear tactics
At a time of consistent innovation and the need to stay on top of your system and software management, seeking third-party support can be a crucial step to success. With Spinnaker Support, you can arrive at a place where you’re...
Pacific Textiles achieves better, faster results for SAP S/4HANA
Find out why Pacific Textiles’ CIO, Hubert Tsang, decided to start off the engagement with a 5-year deal, what’s changed since the switch, and what innovative project has been funded by making the strategic move to Rimini Street.
hourglass with blu sand on desk
Why you should defer moving to S/4HANA and RISE with SAP
Don’t let SAP’s 2027 deadline for mainstream support for SAP drive a rash decision. Did you know you can get guaranteed 15 more years of full support for your existing SAP software —and at 50-90% less total cost? In this brief session, learn how hundreds of SAP clients are buying time and freedom.
woman at desk with laptop
How Rimini Support for Oracle empowers growth and innovation hosts an engaging and educational conversation with experts on Oracle at Rimini Street reviewing the surprising results from the Forces Driving the Future of Your Oracle Database Roadmap survey. Watch now for insights to help you optimize your Oracle roadmap.
Image of a couple on top of a snowy mountain, looking out at the landscape | SAP and IBM
A long marriage made in innovation: What’s next for IBM and SAP?
IBM’s global head of SAP, Mike Perera, shares the wins and next step wonderings of an over 50-year-strong partnership, with cloud migration and emerging GenAI and Quantum technologies high on the roster.
the word "AI?" written on a whiteboard | generative AI
Here’s how Oracle users can unlock greater value with generative AI
Organizations can better harness the power of ecosystem innovation in their Oracle ERP transformation journeys, Anindya (Andy) Chaudhuri, senior partner at IBM Consulting UKI, shares.
Unlocking Full Potential of Your ServiceNow Platform
Learn how to unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow platform, decode your platform issues, and simplify the process.
Increase productivity and reduce project delays with a Digital Adoption Platform
As an Oracle Partner, Fudgelearn is experienced of all things OGL – providing support from implementation to developing and designing meaningful assets for your business. 
Four steps to digital transformation – Part 2
This eBook - part of a series by Accelalpha - will explore the third and fourth stages of digital transformation readiness in-depth and explain why each stage is crucial to a company’s success during a cloud implementation.
Four steps to digital transformation – Part 1
This eBook - part of a 2-part series by Accelalpha - will discuss Assessment and Planning, the first and second of the four steps to digital transformation.
Close up view of a computer circuitboard that's lit by a blue and orange glow | service Accelalpha
Revenue transformation, from product to service, by embracing cloud expertise
While being on the hunt for digitalization, more organizations are migrating from product-based business models to service-based models. This has become more common in recent years due to the realization that recurring revenue is a more reliable and consistent form of business.
image of Mercedes Benz stadium | AMBSE
AMBSE leverages HPE Aruba Networking to enhance fan experience
AMB Sports and Entertainment (AMBSE) has selected HPE’s Aruba Networking solution to support the premier fan experiences by modernizing its wireless network with a WI-FI 6E solution.
ERP software for manufacturing
Browse Global Shop Solution's all-in-one integrated system. Learn more about each application, from accounting to purchasing to website advertising. Get access to all product sheets, or take the Manufacturing Health Test. 
Closeup of complex aviation equipment | RamBase Griff Aviation
Griff Aviation upgrades its manufacturing arm with RamBase Cloud ERP
Griff Aviation was looking to upgrade its digital systems, specifically to address drone production and operational management. The scalability of RamBase Cloud ERP made it the perfect tool for the job.
A ballroom inside a hotel equites stay : Oracle Netsuite
Oracle NetSuite gives Hotel Equities a ‘single source of truth’
Hotel firm announces its adoption of Oracle NetSuite, to provide a unified platform to manage all hospitality operations.
The FlowDown – Unifii’s new podcast
Unifii’s brand new podcast series, brings together ServiceNow senior leaders, product experts, and clients as we tackle Service Operations in the real world. No marketing jargon. No sales talk. Just a front-row seat to advice, opinions, and experiences from people in the know.
Skywards view of several black-glass buildings, reflecting the clouds above in the windows | CEOs survey EY
CEOs see business transformations as the new vogue – this is the sign to upgrade your tech
EY’s CEO Outlook Pulse survey in January 24 evaluated over 1,200 CEOs across 21 countries to find out what the desired projections are for the future. Business transformations are the hot topic to tap into.
image of robot hand reaching out to human hand with blue background | Google Cloud and Workday
UiPath reveals new enhancements at AI Summit
Announced at its virtual AI Summit, UiPath has unveiled new GenAI features to its platform to aid enterprises realize the potential of AI.
Boomi CEO Steve Lucas | Integration is Innovation
Integration is Innovation
Boomi CEO Steve Lucas on being inspired by connecting the world and why AI transformation can only happen with your data house in order.
a digitally distorted image of a monument's head | Crossing the digital divide in the public sector
Crossing the digital divide in the public sector
ServiceNow’s Dr Raj Iyer tells all on public sector passions, challenges and what cloud technology can do for governments and citizens now.