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abstract image of clear glass blue and purple beads | Automation Anywhere and AWS
Automation Anywhere and AWS collaborate to offer GenAI services
Automation Anywhere (AA) has entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 20-24 November
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the week of 20-24 November.
Mihir Shukla / Automation Anywhere CEO & Co-Founder
GenAI offerings boost third quarter results for Automation Anywhere
Automation Anywhere (AA) has announced its third quarter FY24 results, ending October 31, 2023.
one dollar notes placed next to each other | Can AI be trusted to battle money laundering and fraud
Can AI be trusted to battle money laundering and fraud?
AI has reached the scope of multiple industries, but banking might be one of the more unexpected fields to adopt the budding technology.
Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere | Automation Anywhere: Automation + AI
Automation Anywhere combines automation + AI in a fresh launch
Automation Anywhere announced new generative AI-powered innovations to help companies put automation and AI to work across enterprises
Image of Raj Mistry, Automation Anywhere | Google Cloud
Automation Anywhere steps up genAI offering with Google Cloud
Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud have expanded their partnership, combining generative AI and intelligent automation for enterprises.
Futureproofed workforce
The Automation Economy is shaping a futureproofed workforce
Employees are wondering what the future of work has in store for them. Business leaders are wondering which skills and tech to invest in.
Mining automation ethics
Big Miner: the hot potato in automation ethics
Intelligent automation is the hot potato every business wants to grab. But what will businesses need to consider to ensure data privacy for employees? And how long before hands are burnt as automation technology moves faster than ethics?
Doctor_BOT NHS
Doctor Bot, curing the NHS backlog?
Technologists are out to heal the deficit in NHS resources, creating battalions of digital workers to bolster the front lines with intelligent automation. Neeti Mehta Shukla and Tremaine Richard-Noel are leading the charge.
old news tech layoffs
The Great Tech Redundancy is here again
The more companies are callous with their staff, the more chance of another Great Resignation. After all, the main reason employees resigned en masse wasn't because of remote work: It was because they realized how dispensable they were.
Imagine 2022 Automation Anywhere Mihir Shukla CEO
Automation Anywhere citizen dev launch: “Automation to a billion more workers”
Automation Anywhere CEO on the breadth of new software enhancements to keep ‘humans in the loop’ of intelligent automation. Word of the new automation success platform features came today at the automation provider’s Imagine 2022 conference in New York City.
Automation Anywhere acquires FortressIQ
Automation Anywhere has announced plans to acquire FortressIQ, a leading process discovery and mining company based in San Francisco. The companies say that combining FortressIQ with Automation Anywhere will usher in a new era of intelligent automation by enabling organisations...
Image of Raj Mistry, Automation Anywhere | Google Cloud
Automation Anywhere appoints new executive vice president of sales for Europe
Automation Anywhere has appointed Raj Mistry as executive vice president of sales for Europe to help to accelerate its cloud automation offerings across the region. Mistry joins Automation Anywhere from Mulesoft, where he was an executive vice president and general...
UiPath: ERP is ripe for RPA, business bots get busier
When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Of all the application use cases for RPA, the world of ERP is a perfect attack surface.
Automation Anywhere partners with Google Cloud to develop RPA-powered solutions
Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud have announced a new multi-year partnership in a bid to generate industry solutions.
Automation Anywhere helps companies navigate pandemic
Automation Anywhere has announced that it has deployed more than 2.6 million bots worldwide, in response to customer demand for automation to maintain business resilience and increase productivity amid the global pandemic...
Automation Anywhere enables NHS Trust to roll-out flu-reporting bot
Automation Anywhere is expanding its collaboration with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to launch its flu-reporting bot...
Just how low can the RPA ERP robots go?
If we were allowed to create new insertions to conjoin acronyms with acronyms, then our first mission would be to add ERP to RPA. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) augmented under (AU) robotic process automation...
Automation Anywhere bots find time for DVT
DVT has partnered with Automation Anywhere to empower its customers with robotic process automation...
Automation Anywhere launches new RPA solutions to respond to C-19
Automation Anywhere has launched intelligent automation solutions to empower governments, healthcare...
It’s OK to be confused – just know that you are and embrace it.
Tom Peters famously said “if you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.” Nothing could be closer to the truth when considering one’s options in the modern technological era..
Mihir Shukla / Automation Anywhere CEO & Co-Founder
There’s a storm coming and it’s called RPA.
Mihir Shukla is the CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. By the end of this year his company will have over three million digital workers deployed in the world’s largest organisations. RPA is likely to be the most transformative technology to emerge from the digital revolution and Automation Anywhere is at the head of the field when it comes to capitalising on the burgeoning demands...
Automation Anywhere appoints new CIO
Automation Anywhere has appointed Yousuf Khan as the company’s first chief information officer...