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image of paperwork surrounded by financial charts | Eviden and Athumi
Eviden implements clearing house solution for Athumi
Eviden has been selected by data utility company, Athumi, to integrate Eviden’s ‘clearing house as-a-service’ solution.
city skyline at night
Unleash potential through global bank connectivity
We live in a world run by global bank connectivity where the success of a business relies on the ability to stay interconnected. From accessing date to linking with a network of partners and platforms, it can feel daunting to face the challenges of global connectivity. Many finance teams face challenges with fragmented data, soiled systems, or disjointed workflows. Fortunately, there is a solution to liberate liquidity from its shackles. 
a man in a blue blazer and checked white shirt looks at the graphs in a white tablet on an office desk | Nextworld revenue system concept
How R&R Millwork streamlined revenue and customer satisfaction
For more than 22 years, R&R Millwork used a legacy version of Sage which led to the development of time-consuming, manual workarounds.
a photo of a plant growing out of a glass with coins | financial system concept
How Velociti transformed its financial system with ease and flexibility
When using a legacy financials system, Velociti faced constraints and manual functions. Soon, the company decided it is time for change.
A man sitting in front of computer monitor in an office | Kyriba liquidity network concept
ICD joins the Kyriba liquidity network to help clients gain control
Kyriba has announced that ICD joined its liquidity network to create a seamless, end-to-end workflow for clients to gain control over their liquidity management and investment processes.
a woman in a white shirt and blue blazer sits at the work desk with a laptop looking through papers | Kyriba APIs finance
Ten things you need to know about APIs for treasury
APIs continue to be one of the most talked about technologies, as finance leaders look to make their treasury and payments operations more real-time and responsive to market volatility.
group of co-workers sitting at a desk in front of computers | Kyriba API treasury concept
How API and ERP integrations are transforming corporate treasury
Adopting API technology to integrate ERP systems with treasury systems is a transformative step for corporate treasury management.
illustration of financial security
Webinar: AI for ERP Bank Connectivity: The Good, The Bad and The Scary, Presented by Kyriba
Payments fraud continues to be a threat to business leaders and advances in technology are only making it harder to prevent. Build connective tissue between your payments systems to improve defenses at machine speed by leveraging technologies such as APIs and AI to connect payments data , delivering data and compliance checks in real time.
photo of a figure standing in front of blue, green and white-colored screen | market surveillance gen AI solution by Nasdaq and AWS
Nasdaq to enhance integrity of market surveillance with GenAI
Nasdaq has announced a new AI-powered feature within its market surveillance technology solution to improve the quality, speed and efficiency of market abuse investigations performed by customers.
illustration of financial security
Webinar: AI for ERP Bank Connectivity: The Good, The Bad and The Scary
Payments fraud continues to be a threat to business leaders and advances in technology are only making it harder to prevent. Build connective tissue between your payments systems to improve defenses at machine speed by leveraging technologies such as APIs and AI to connect payments data , delivering data and compliance checks in real time.
photo of a man playing chess | guide on third-party support for CFO leaders
Navigating tomorrow: CFO’s leap into a future-proof IT ecosystem
In today’s constantly changing world, many CFOs of growing enterprises find themselves standing at a crossroads. As generative AI, economic uncertainty and global conflicts fuel rapid change, you’re charged with the task of balancing caution and prudence with an enthusiasm...
photo of a person holding a turned on light bulb | software support concept
It’s about time you get third-party software support, here’s why
Is it time to reduce the cost of your enterprise software support and utilize those savings for business-first initiatives? Find out here.
black & white photo of two men using macbooks in an office | financial transformations
EY to ally with SAP Fioneer for broad financial transformations
EY has announced an alliance between SAP Fioneer and EY ifb SE today to help facilitate modernization of the financial services industry.
photo of skyscrapers during cloudy weather | visa finance
Visa joins AWS Partner Network to simplify global digital payments
Visa has announced it has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) to streamline access to Visa’s payment services for cloud-native fintechs, enterprises and financial institutions.
Increase productivity and reduce project delays with a Digital Adoption Platform
As an Oracle Partner, Fudgelearn is experienced of all things OGL – providing support from implementation to developing and designing meaningful assets for your business. 
A top-down view of a book with the word's 'from the real experts' printed along the side of the pages, the front cover is orange and says the ultimate insider guide | 7FC Sage Intacct
Leveraging the right expertise could help unlock Sage Intacct potential
Operational efficiency is a vital step towards positive growth, and that goal can be achieved with the right expertise. Consultation services can help provide the tools needed for mid-market sized businesses to optimize their Sage Intacct services.
A mirrored view upwards towards a blue square of sky | tax Vertex
Getting financial transformation success from an SAP cloud migration
Tax teams must do their due diligence and raise any concerns to the IT teams in charge of a migration process, ensuring that any move to ERP cloud migration is completed successfully. Your business will continue growing so long as the decisions you make are backed with the correct knowledge.
glass building under blue sky during daytime; Kyriba and financial management innovation concept
Finance innovation, agility with Kyriba blockchain and Workday reach
Kyriba has announced the release of a new solution with Onyx, J.P. Morgan’s blockchain business unit, and a partnership with Workday to improve cash management, payments and liquidity performance for CFOs and treasurers.
A laptop screen showing a set of different financial tech | financial 7FC
The signs you may have outgrown your current finance tech – and the right tool you need to meet the modern age
Financial technology is integral to most companies. However, sometimes we get too comfortable and can't determine when it's time to upgrade your technology. There are a few warning signals when your current software has run it's course - here's how to recognize them.
A skyward angle of a tall skyscraper that's reflecting the sunlight into a lens flare | GL Connect SplashBI
SplashBI releases new financial reporting app: GL Connect
SplashBI has announced the launch of a new and enhanced financial reporting app, GL Connect. The app will serve as a direct upgrade to its current financial reporting tool, SplashGL.   
tax forms with coins and letters t a x
Watch now: The tax data dilemma – meeting tax compliance
The paradigm of tax compliance is undergoing a big shift. Join members of Vertex to discuss how to navigate such confusing waters.
How you can upgrade your reporting capabilities with GL Connect
Finding inefficiencies in your processes and improving upon them is a standard affair for any modern business looking to improve. GL Connect improves upon data analysis and reporting speed - meaning any necessary business changes can be acted on quickly.
globe on desk
Compliance’s complexity: Attitudes and barriers to getting it right in indirect tax
After studying 580 people from around the world with influence over decisions made about indirect tax in their business, Vertex provides insights into indirect tax risk and whether organizations can avoid it or are forced to embrace it.
bird flying over treeline
eGuide: Spread the wings of SAP and streamline VAT determination and compliance
In this guide by Vertex, learn how to navigate these complexities and read how to extend the power of SAP ERP and the right tax technology to streamline VAT determination and compliance, and increase your tax team's agility.
man at desk
Five signs you’ve outgrown your entry-level finance system
Read the full article from 7FC that explores five key indicators that suggest it’s time for an upgrade.
image of car on road surrounded by tall green trees and green fields | GCR–Sustainability
HSBC accelerates climate mitigation journey with Google Cloud
HSBC has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate climate mitigation and resilience through financing and support for companies in the Google Cloud Ready-Sustainability (GCR-Sustainability) program.
indoor marketplace with customers
Practical implications of EU e-commerce VAT rules
Read the eGuide by Vertex to learn the key areas of change from the July 2021 cross-border and e-commerce VAT rule changes. To avoid being non-compliant, key marketplaces must ensure a series of additional measures. This guide aims to look at the new VAT rules for marketplaces and the practical implications they can have on a marketplace business.
man at desk with laptop and mobile device
VAT Compliance: The business case for tax engine
Read the whitepaper by Vertex to learn how to tackle the challenges in VAT's end-to-end process by examining the root causes and exploring the options.