Generative AI

IBM Institute of Business Value
Developed in partnership with Oracle, this new paper explores how HR leaders can facilitate a generative AI-empowered culture. Our action guide outlines 10 ways HR can serve as a strategic advisor to develop a people-centric model that best positions the enterprise for the future.
mobile device with bot chatting
ServiceNow meets generative AI: The dynamic duo for your ITSM evolution
Read the article by Unifii to learn how ServiceNow has taken the plunge to infuse its top-notch ITSM product suite with cutting-edge Generative AI technology, to help customers get further cost-savings and productivity enhancements.
a person taking a picture of a cloud with a smartphone
Google Cloud forges partnerships with Motorola Solutions and Kyndryl
Google Cloud and Motorola Solutions have announced an agreement innovating cloud solutions across Motorola’ safety and security technologies.
Close up of a robot hand made of white polymers and futuristic material, it's reaching out as if to offer someone help | Opkey Generative AI
AI – beyond chatbots and into testing automation
The latest technological advances are here to help your job, not replace it. Generative AI software can enhance the ERP testing lifecycle at every stage, boosting efficiency in multiple ways. 
A healthcare professional speaking with a patient in a healthcare location, holding a tablet device | Oracle healthcare
Oracle booster for healthcare with GenAI, finance and supply chain tools
Oracle has announced new generative AI services for healthcare organizations to help providers focus more on patient engagement.
Artificial intellgence-powered autonomous lab showing wires and related technology | IBM generative AI
IBM advances watsonx with generative AI enhancements
IBM has unearthed plans for new generative AI foundation models and enhancements coming to watsonx – its AI and data platform.
image of colourful code on a black background | watsonx Code Assistant for Z
IBM to aid developers with GenAI in watsonx Code Assistant for Z
IBM has introduced watsonx Code Assistant for Z, a new generative AI-assisted product to enable faster translation of COBOL to Java on IBM Z and enhances developer productivity on the platform.
(L) Amanpreet Singh | Founder, CTO & (R) Douwe Kiela | Founder, CEO (Photo: Business Wire) | Contextual AI and Google Cloud
Contextual AI and Google Cloud brings GenAI to the enterprise
Contextual AI has entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider to build, run and scale its growing business and to train its large language models (LLMs) for the enterprise.
A man working in front of steel being cast in fire : U.S. Steel
U.S. Steel and Google Cloud collab on GenAI transformation
U.S. Steel has collaborated with Google Cloud to leverage generative AI to enhance operations at the largest iron ore mine in North America.
image of orange abstract brain with white and orange background | Kyndryl and Microsoft
Kyndryl adopts gen AI for businesses with Microsoft collaboration
Kyndryl has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to enable the adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for businesses on the Microsoft Cloud.
image of pink and green virus cells | Cognizant and Gilead
Cognizant and Gilead extend partnership with $800m deal
Cognizant has expanded its relationship with biopharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences to leverage generative AI and enhance Gilead’s customer service experience.
abstract image of AI, pink brain with blue and purple background | Accenture and Google Cloud
Accenture and Google Cloud to help organizations generate AI potential
Accenture and Google Cloud have expanded their strategic relationship to help organizations reinvent their businesses with generative AI to unlock new growth opportunities, supported by new investments made by Accenture.
abstract AI image
Meet Maxi, Earth CEO – and savior of humanity
Welcome to 2033. On the anniversary of its ascendancy, we interview the benevolent AGI which runs our planet and drove CxOs to extinction, MAX1-GPT.
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Salesforce: new wares, $4bn UK investment in GenAI – whilst tackling consumer distrust
At its World Tour London event, Salesforce introduced the addition of generative AI capabilities, Sales GPT and Service GPT, to enable teams to close deals faster, anticipate customer needs and bolster productivity. Amidst the launch news, the CRM giant also...
image of AI robot with laptop | Salesforce generative AI
Salesforce bolsters generative AI portfolio with three new additions
Salesforce has enhanced its AI portfolio with the unveiling of three announcements with the first being its Accelerator - AI for Impact, a philanthropic initiative to help organizations gain equitable access to trusted generative AI technologies.
Full conference hall with big screens asking "what's next?" | Salesforce Connections
Salesforce unveils genAI offerings and Google partnership
Salesforce has introduced its latest generative AI product offerings, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, at its Salesforce Connections 2023 event taking place in Chicago this week.
image of Google building | TCS and Google Cloud
TCS and Google Cloud expand partnership with new AI offering
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud and the launch of its new offering, TCS Generative AI which leverages Google Cloud’s generative AI services.