Details of "Questions for the future", a socio-critical work of art that is intended to encourage people to question modern trends. Displayed at Futurium in Berlin | Clean data tools for cloud migration More4apps
High in the clouds with clean data: Achieving smooth migration with data management tools
To achieve a smooth digital transformation, there is one aspect that cannot be overlooked during that process – data cleansing.
More4apps slide that states - Streamlining data cleanse: leveraging More4apps for a seamless migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud
Streamlining data cleanse: Leveraging More4apps for a seamless migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud
This blog explores how data cleanse with More4apps can pave the way for a successful migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud.
More4apps slide - Smooth seas ahead: cruise line transforms data accuracy - with a cruise ship image in the background
Smooth seas ahead: Cruise line transforms data accuracy
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was difficult on the tourism and cruise industries. As the cruise industry rebounds, it is heavily scrutinizing every dollar. The goal is to find ways to reduce costs and decrease the debt businesses incurred in recent...
More4apps slide that states: A better way to manage rapidly-changing cost data. Manufacturing is a world of never-ending change. More4apps helps you keep up.
A better way to manage rapidly-changing cost data
In manufacturing, change is the one thing you can count on. Goals are a moving target. Learn how to utilize your ERP to keep up in the blog.
close up of a machinery manufacturing a product at a factory | More4apps Oracle data accuracy solutions
Real-time manufacturing insights: How to ensure Oracle data accuracy and reliability with Excel
In manufacturing, seamless and streamlined flow in the assembly line can be vital for a business’s success. Here's how you can ensure it while also achieving data accuracy and reliability goals.
the image of a monitor that shows the website for More4apps Community platform for customers
More4apps launches customer community: A new era of self-service support
More4apps has launched the More4apps Community platform for customers, providing a hub where users can find helpful resources and more.
abstract image of people figures in a frame | More4apps Oracle data solutions news
More4apps partners with X View for Oracle data-loading solutions
More4apps and X View have announced a partnership agreement to deliver enhanced services and solutions to their clients in the Oracle market.
More4apps slide with an abstract graph image that describes a case study of a customer that used the More4Apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module for data management
Efficiently updating project data by making smarter decisions
A case study about how the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox empowered a leading engineering company to achieve data accuracy.
More4Apps case study slide - reimagining project and portfolio management with a move to Fusion Cloud applications
How to streamline project portfolio management when moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud
Many companies are prioritizing migrating to cloud to accelerate and streamline operations and power the business. Find out how this can be done by reading the More4apps case study.
More4apps simplified contract management for Oracle Fusion Cloud slide
Easing the road to Oracle Fusion Cloud with simplified contract management
When moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud, companies require tools to assist in specific business functions, such as contracts, during the process. Find out more by reading this customer success story from More4apps.
image split in half with purple on the left and black and white on the right: More4apps webinar on FBDI Exile: Handling supplier contracts and customer data in Oracle Fusion Cloud without limitations
FBDI Exile: Handling supplier contracts and customer data without limitations
In this More4apps webinar, Andrew Gooch, UK product development and support officer, discusses why in the dynamic landscape of business operations, the consistent and effective management of customer and supplier data is paramount.
More4apps photo with a hand holding a winner's cup and text saying "and the winner is..."
More4apps celebrates success with EBS Toolbox for Oracle E-Business Suite
More4apps, a leading provider of data-loading software solutions, has received many prestigious awards over the past 12 months. As a company, More4apps has always focused on changing and improving the way organizations manage their data within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) since its establishment in 2000.
Maximizing Project Management with Integrated Spreadsheets in Oracle Fusion Cloud
Learn about More4apps' insights on how to add efficiencies by integrating Excel spreadsheets within Oracle Fusion Cloud, revolutionizing the way you manage projects.
More4apps graphic poster, stating "Getting more from your Oracle ERP: an ERP Leader's Guide"
Getting more from your Oracle ERP: An ERP leader’s guide
Businesses know that ERP systems are crucial to organizational efficiency, productivity, revenue and growth. Especially in the drive toward innovation and modernization, managing and updating an ERP system becomes a vital part of goal achievement for today’s business needs. However,...
More4apps graphic on its project management module that states "Get mature, robust and extensive budgeting and forecasting capabilities with the More4apps project module for Oracle Fusion Cloud"
How to streamline budgeting and forecasting in Oracle Project Management
When deploying software, companies can utilize a breadth of services and features, including a variety of modules that help to organize and improve specific areas of business. For example, Oracle users can adopt the Oracle Projects Module for Fusion ERP...
Abstract image of a green and red net entwined together across a dark background | More4apps digital transformation
The complexity of migrating old data to new systems made easier with More4apps
A digital transformation more often than not requires migrating data from legacy systems to the new ones. With a combination of the right tools and suitable service provider, migrating legacy data doesn’t have to be a painful process.
projects powerhouse webinar thumbnail
Video: Oracle Projects Powerhouse – accelerating efficiency
In the ever-evolving landscape of Oracle Projects, data entry teams face huge demands to keep Oracle in step with the needs of the business. The success of any project hinges on its ability to swiftly adapt to evolving requirements, streamline...
Blog: Free vs Build vs Buy – data loading solutions
Data loading is one of the most important processes for your business. Whether you’re a small company or one with more complex data processing needs, you’ll require efficient procedures to help sort all of your data. Learn more from More4Apps about the different options in Data Loading Solutions. 
Paul Esherwood with an alternative review of Oracle OpenWorld Europe 2020
It’s true to say that if you are an Oracle partner, customer or even a casual user – OpenWorld is a great place to connect and collaborate....