February 2022Issue 10


Dream Big
Bill McDermott Dreams Big. His aspirations are not bound by convention nor are they constrained by tradition. They are driven by a conviction that anything is possible and we all have the ability to reimagine our future on whatever scale we conceive.


Cloud healthcare and the data state of play
Big Tech is muscling in on health big time: look no further than recent acquisitions such as the Microsoft-Nuance and Oracle-Cerner mega-deals.
AI in healthcare: What now after Watson?
IBM’s Watson health venture was so beleaguered, it can be forgiven if AI in healthcare seems like a poor business bet.
Legacy tech lingers in healthcare after Covid. What’s the fix?
It's still too early to say the NHS has shed off enough of its legacy technology, even after the pandemic.
Editor’s Words: capability and complexity
In a previous editorial, I quoted Tom Peters who famously said: “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention” - but that sentiment is already outdated.
ERP Today Vendor Review 2022
ERP’s role has changed – and finally the vendors are listening. This year’s vendor review takes a close look at the 10 key ERP vendors that are suited to mid-market and enterprise customers.
The art of enterprise intelligence
Amazon, Venmo and Uber Eats: none of these iconic brands allow us to do anything we couldn’t do before. After all, I bought stuff on the internet, paid the babysitter, and ordered food delivery for years before any of those companies came around.
The great hybrid multi-cloud myth
Dan Scarfe with an alternative look at the trend for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures – does the world really need to be this complex?
Industry clouds: a key ingredient for agility and business opportunity
The astonishing pace of change in the world today driven by extraordinary levels of technology innovation has been pushing business towards the cloud for years.


Expert Opinions

Enterprises better strap in for a journey to the metaverse
When social media giant Facebook changed the name of its holding company to Meta in late 2021, both the internet and enterprise world were abuzz with confusion over what it all meant.
Platforms matter in 2022 EAP is key for ERP success
Back in 2019, I had the pleasure to author a piece for ERP today on why platforms matter. Since, the industry has not stood still, and platforms have become stronger, broader and more important for all ERP vendors.
IT makes business dreams real
Every company’s ambitions are now digital. As a result, IT permeates organizations and influences outcomes in every corner of the enterprise. Whether you sell cars or clothes, entertainment or detergent, your business architecture is likely indistinguishable from your technology architecture. 
ServiceNow’s critical role in today’s HR tech market
The HR technology market is massive. More than $80bn per year is spent on tools to hire, pay, manage, develop and support employees around the world.
Platforms that deliver value through employee engagement
Over the last 18 months we have seen the constant rise in the industry narrative from the SaaS cloud platform providers regarding the importance of delivering ‘experiences that matter’.
The age of pay transparency the role of tech and data
It is no secret to anyone by now that our access to technology and data is creating increasing transparency in all areas of life - and the salary data, pay fairness and pay equity in particular are no exception.
Hot right now? Six key points to build ESG into your ERP
Most readers will need little persuading that sustainability is a hot topic for business leaders. This heat comes from a number of factors, including: the risk of fines and reputational damage from non-compliance with sustainability regulation; falling revenues if customers’ growing environmental and ethical expectations are not met.

Guest Contributors

Why verticalisation is key to software development
As cloud solutions evolve, there is a shift from horizontal to vertical industry-tailored applications. Bonnie Tinder, CEO at Raven Intel...
What US wars can teach us about ERP strategy
Thanks to Hollywood, US wars are etched in our collective understanding.  Not to mention politicians’ soundbites, the moving images captured...
Can ERP degrees help solve the talent crisis?
The ERP industry is woefully short of resources and many global brands in this space are locked in a battle to find, recruit and retain new talent.
Making a genuine difference in building a sustainable future
At the end of 2021, IFS hosted its Change for Good awards at COP26 in Glasgow to celebrate the difference and impact our customers are having...
ERP and HR systems: the lovechildren of Inflation
When inflation and high interest rates last got together in the 1970s, they spawned the lovechild of ERP and drove a revolution in materials...
Using data to stem the tide of employee resignations
Throughout the course of 2021, employees have been leaving their organisations in record numbers.  During the months of July, August and September...
The data migration project minefield
Data is the foundation on which all modern businesses are built and the importance of accurate and timely data has never been more important...
Culture sits at the top of the finance agenda
It may be a new year but many challenges brought on by the pandemic are persisting - the ‘Great Resignation’ being one of the biggest issues affecting business...