three women using laptops, smiling and talking to each other | Cognizant awards $70m to boost global tech education for diverse communities
Cognizant awards $70m to boost tech education for diverse communities
Cognizant has awarded $70m in philanthropic funds to help people make successful career transitions into technology and AI jobs.
abstract image of a neuron | Fortrea and Cognizant
Fortrea chooses Cognizant to transform its technology
Fortrea, a global provider of clinical development and patient access solutions to the life sciences industry, has selected Cognizant as its strategic technology transformation provider.
image of Cambridge, UK | Cambridge and Cognizant
Cambridge Uni Press and Assessment joins the AI train with Cognizant
Cambridge University Press and Assessment (Cambridge) has signed a multi-year contract with Cognizant to improve operational effectiveness, maintain exam results integrity and stay competitive in the evolving education sector.
Partnership / Cognizant and ISS
Cognizant and ISS extend partnership to drive innovation
In their partnership so far, Cognizant and ISS have successfully delivered an optimized scalable financial and accounting model which has been useful in improving efficiency and decreasing costs.
image of diver in ocean looking at coral and fish | Cognizant Ocean
How Cognizant Ocean is adding more blue to our world with AI
In June, Cognizant announced its new business group, Cognizant Ocean. In this q&a, Stig Martin delves deeper into Cognizant's new business.
Image of technology in hospital
Cognizant and Google Cloud partner for healthcare innovation
Cognizant and Google Cloud are hoping to create healthcare large language mode solutions, bringing the potential of generative AI to a range of healthcare business challenges.
image of pink and green virus cells | Cognizant and Gilead
Cognizant and Gilead extend partnership with $800m deal
Cognizant has expanded its relationship with biopharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences to leverage generative AI and enhance Gilead’s customer service experience.
Image of businessmen shaking hands/Cognizant and ServiceNow announce yet another strategic partnership
Cognizant and ServiceNow announce yet another strategic partnership
Cognizant and ServiceNow are entering a strategic partnership which involves creating a multi-disciplinary Cognizant ServiceNow Business Group which will integrate the Now Platform and ServiceNow’s industry product solutions with Cognizant’s domain expertise and IP.
Image of a motherboard /Cognizant and Orkla take their relationship to the next level
Cognizant and Orkla take their relationship to the next level
Orkla and Cognizant have partnered on digital transformation projects since 2013, which include ongoing IT support and leadership in IT infrastructure, Digital Workplace, SAP, Public Cloud and Security.
image of diver in ocean with coral reef | Cognizant Ocean
Cognizant dives into the ocean with new business group
Cognizant has unveiled that it has created a new business group, Cognizant Ocean, which focuses on helping clients in the “Blue Economy” apply digital technologies such as AI and data analytics to improve business outcomes, reduce carbon output and decarbonize the oceans.
abstract image of brain | Cognizant and Google Cloud extend partnership
Cognizant and Google Cloud expand partnership to accelerate AI
Cognizant and Google Cloud have announced they will be expanding their partnership to accelerate the adoption of AI by businesses around the world. 
image of shoes | Cognizant and Nike
Cognizant and Nike step up sizable collaboration
Cognizant has entered into an agreement to transform and support the technology operations of sportswear giant Nike.
image of tree sapling | Cognizant and Orica
Cognizant and Orica extend eco-friendly partnership
The existing relationship between Cognizant and Orica will be extended on the basis of further aiding Orica’s Net Zero Strategy.
image of glasses with code on computer screen | IBM and StepZen
Cognizant and Mobica to expand engineering capabilities
Cognizant has entered into an agreement to acquire Mobica, an IoT software engineering services provider headquartered in Manchester, UK. The acquisition is expected to close in February 2023. Mobica’s services span the full software development cycle, with core competencies in...
Cognizant ‘fuels’ SAP power for energy and utilities
Fact number one, technology modernization company Cognizant is headquartered in Teaneck – not a made-up name, it’s a real place in New Jersey. Fact number two, it’s winter 2022 and the planet is in the middle of an energy crisis...
Robot-Resilience | RPA
Unlimited opportunities for customers with intelligent automation
Today, the remit for automation goes far beyond narrow optimisation. It's providing radical alterations in the way data, processes and humans interact. Hear how the conversation is evolving from leading technologists.
ServiceNow serves up NHS Digital backbone and beyond
ServiceNow serves up NHS Digital backbone and beyond
Exclusive: The ServiceNow platform is powering NHS Digital, the national information and technology partner of the UK health and care system. The partnership will also continue once NHS Digital merges with NHS England and NHSX in 2023.
Cloud healthcare and the data state of play
Big Tech is muscling in on health big time: look no further than recent acquisitions such as the Microsoft-Nuance and Oracle-Cerner mega-deals.
Cognizant commits to net zero emissions by 2030
Cognizant has announced it will achieve net zero emissions by 2030 – a new milestone set out as part of the company’s ongoing environmental, social and governance agenda to become a more sustainable business. Cognizant plans to reduce emissions from...
Cognizant acquires data specialist TQS Integration
Cognizant has announced the acquisition of TQS Integration, a privately owned global industrial data and intelligence company based in Ireland, to enhance its smart manufacturing offerings.  TQS delivers manufacturing data intelligence, global technology consulting and digital systems integration to help...
How technology is driving the new era of F1
No sport is more closely intertwined with the world of technology than Formula 1.  Ever since the globe’s premier motorsport series was first staged in 1950, teams have pushed the boundaries of invention to gain any possible advantage on the track....
Centrica names Cognizant as Exclusive Partner for SAP Business Process Transformation
Professional services company, Cognizant, has been selected by leading international energy services and solutions company, Centrica, as the sole technology services partner to manage and transform the SAP environment supporting its UK operations.  Centrica provides energy supply and services to 10 million business...