July 2023Issue 15


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Meet Maxi, Earth CEO – and savior of humanity
Welcome to 2033. On the anniversary of its ascendancy, we interview the benevolent AGI which runs our planet and drove CxOs to extinction, MAX1-GPT.


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On the brink of evolution
Every earnings call and each event that I have attended has been dominated by one topic - Generative Artificial Intelligence - and so too is this issue of ERP Today.
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Deltek: how the D.C. giant is going global with PSA
ERP Today sits down with Deltek CEO Michael Corkery to discuss the company’s European chapter.
Waves of blue and purple tech.
Beyond batch, how ERP steers faster with data streaming
Living the data streaming dream, ERP shifts up a gear, as IFS and more explain.
Safra Catz ERP Today
Oracle Cloud World represents a maturation from ‘seller of tech’ to ‘partner for good’
Oracle Cloud World represents the final piece in the jigsaw for Oracle's own journey of transformation and discovery.


Expert Opinions

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GenAI for enterprise: the AI guru view
Pascal Bornet and Kieran Gilmurray discuss the impact of GenAI, its impact in the workplace and how it has changed the workforce.
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The big supply chain data green-up
James Veale, co-founder at GreenToken by SAP discusses ESG 'washing' and turning a green blockchain into reality.
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How Kubernetes is steering ERP cloud deployments
For many people, the real age of cloud composability started just less than a decade ago with the birth of Kubernetes in 2014.

Guest Contributors

Build a resilient organization ready for new global opportunities
Unit4’s CEO Mike Ettling on the global picture in business today as organizational resilience should be the watchword for every CEO.
Our AI future – the young professional view
Reader - are you ready for a trip with me into the world of ERP Tomorrow?
How to avoid a ChatGPT catastrophe
Generative AI models such as ChatGPT give much debate around their potential to transform our everyday lives. But what about in an enterprise environment?
Did Visual Basic halt the rise of our robot overlords?
Robotic process automation (RPA) isn’t new. In the 80s, my dad ran a small engineering company. They bought their first IBM PC because it was the thing to do - and nobody could really fathom it out.
Risk needn’t break the bank: The fix is back office innovation
With time ticking to sort operational resiliency rules, here’s how technology can help banks get to grips with risks.
Too much data and still no strategy?
In a world overflowing with information, how can businesses start managing their data more intelligently to improve strategy?