The Moment of Service

There’s a fragile point in time during every business deal when the blood, sweat and tears are condensed into a single instance. The efforts made to secure the sale, the capital invested to deliver your product, and the time spent nurturing relationships are boiled down to a solitary moment when it all comes together or fails to meet expectations. This is the moment you either delight or disappoint. This is the moment of service…

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editor's choice

Retail software & tech trends

Ask any retailer what keeps them awake at night and the majority will probably answer Amazon. The combination of product range, price, availability and delivery infrastructure has caught many asleep at the wheel. Just when everyone thought ecommerce was king…

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Going green with the Cloud

We’re encouraged to choose more sustainable options every day – and this extends to the decisions organisations make when purchasing technology. For any number of reasons, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in the IT decision making process today…

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Chris Pope: Digital Workflows

ServiceNow is the digital workflow organisation that has been around for 15 years but has recently seen a huge rise in uptake for its services and has been catapulted into the media headlines following the arrival…

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expert opinion

Working from home

In March 2017, a video of two young children interrupting their father’s BBC interview about South Korea went viral. Professor Robert Kelly was quoted as saying: “I thought I’d blown it in front of the whole world,” when his children…

Survival strategies in a hybrid and multi-cloud world

There is no question anymore that technology progress has overtaken the technology demands of business best practices, creating the current need for experimentation and exploration of how to operate a business in the 21st century…

The economic benefits of Certainty

Certainty can be defined as the confidence that we have in our beliefs. It is a determining characteristic of how we perform as individuals, as a team and as a company. The more certain we are in our beliefs…

Using digital tech for a fair Future of work

Throughout 2020 we have all had numerous conversations about how the pandemic has exposed rifts and inequalities in public health and the economy all over the world. Workplaces have not…


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