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Why process leader Signavio is flourishing inside SAP
When SAP acquired process transformation company Signavio in March 2021, SAP chief financial officer Luka Mucic said it was impossible to “overstress the importance for companies to be able to design, benchmark, improve and transform business processes across the enterprise...
Discovering the unicorn – Capgemini Case Study
De Nora is an Italian multinational company and the world’s largest supplier of high-performing electrode technologies for major industrial electrochemical processes. It is also a leading supplier of proprietary technologies for water disinfection and filtration. De Nora is committed to...
A Complete Guide to Supply Chains
Special report sponsored by Capgemini looking at supply chains and associated technologies.   Download > Special Report Supply Chains
A Complete Guide to ServiceNow
Free downloadable resource containing original articles, case studies and analyst reports covering the full spectrum of the ServiceNow proposition.
ERP Today Vendor Review 2022
ERP’s role has changed – and finally the vendors are listening. This year’s vendor review takes a close look at the 10 key ERP vendors that are suited to mid-market and enterprise customers.
In conversation with Unifii, one of the few independent Elite partners
It’s day one and you are in front of a new prospect – how do you articulate the ServiceNow proposition?
A healthy approach to service management excellence with UDG Group
In the highly connected, data-driven marketplace, the pace of business failure or success runs at an accelerated cadence never previously witnessed. Understanding the need to innovate, acquire and advance at all times, UDG Group needed to move from its legacy IT toolset, which was unable to support their expanding IT requirements and processes
From the lab to the jab: NHS Scotland drives Covid-19 vaccination with ServiceNow
The global pandemic has of course seen the Covid-19 contagion affect almost every human life on the planet. With global supply chains disrupted, national economies jolted and the very fabric of human endeavour stretched to new limits, this has been a period of disruption like no other.
Success on file: Deloitte delivers digital briefcase on ServiceNow
In a world where digital information management and control determines business success in every vertical, organisations of all sizes have realised the need to provide data-driven tools for every employee workflow, every interaction and every business transaction. With a determined...
ServiceNow: three case studies
Founded in 1925, Delta Air Lines has served as many as 200 million people a year, taking customers across an industry-leading global network of up to 300 destinations in over 50 countries.