The time is NOW for Kevin Samuelson and INFOR

When we last wrote about Infor all the talk was around an IPO – and who doesn’t love a big IPO? I wrote bullishly about the expectation of Infor floating and becoming one of the biggest software IPOs of all time. It seemed certain that the prospect of raising a load of new cash coupled with the lure of being catapulted into the limelight would be too much for Infor (and their VC partners) to resist. Thank God it didn’t happen…

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The thin veneer of differentiation

I wrote to each of the ERP vendors and asked them to send me a few words on what set them apart from the competition – the results were depressingly vague. I hate to break it to you but ‘putting customers first’…

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Another new dawn for Epicor

Epicor has been sold, again – this time to CD&R, a venture capital house with plans to double the business in five years. Paul Esherwood sat down (virtually) with Steve Murphy, CEO, to discuss what the new ownership means…

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What shape are your shared services in?

A simple way to think about shared services is as one back office installation that is used by various departments. The administrative tasks in an HR office, for example, can increasingly be carried out on a single system. This same system can then feed…

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